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Akhtar Textile

Akhtar Textile is part of Pakistan’s oldest business group, Akhtar Group, which includes 5 operating companies dealing in several industrial segments which include: Paper Cones, Textile Machinery, Textile Garments, Sugar Mill Equipment, Auto/Steel Industry Marketing, Denim Production, Jeans Production, Polo Shirts, Dairy Farming, Dairy Processing, Boilers, Turbines, Biomass Power Plants, Wind Power, and more. 

akhtar textile

It was founded in 1985 for the manufacturing and exporting of textile products, their jeans and trousers setup, and the manufacturing unit was the first fully automated unit in South Asia. Their factories are equipped with state-of-the-art machines for the manufacturing of denim jeans and khakis. Akhtar Textiles had an initial capacity of 5,000 pcs per day and currently is producing 35,000 pcs per day with annual sales of almost USD 55 million.

akhter textile

Akhtar Textiles has been manufacturing jeans and t-shirts for almost a decade for many notable brands in the US Brands, the most prominent being LEVIS. Akhtar Textiles and Group has an annual turnover of US$125 million and is one of Pakistan’s largest export and textile businesses and is known globally.

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