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Apparel Sourcing

Pakistan is one of the top picks globally for apparel sourcing and has some of the best apparel-sourcing vendors and is one of the largest exporters of textile products in Asia. Pakistan is the third-largest cotton consumer and the world’s fourth-largest textile producer. Five percent of the textile industries in the country are listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

apparel sourcing

With an abundance of Pakistani manufacturers to pick from for your apparel sourcing needs it makes a great choice. However, with so many options, it is difficult to know which vendor is the best choice for your apparel sourcing needs. 

More than 8.5% of Pakistan’s GDP is derived from the textile sector. The country is the 3rd country in Asia with the largest spinning capacity or five percent of the total world’s spinning capacity. The textile industry in Pakistan contributes more than 60% to the country’s exports with a value of 5.2 billion USD.

apparel sourcing

When you pick a Pakistani clothing vendor for apparel sourcing you have an incredible advantage in terms of production, operational lead time, and operational costs as Pakistan has a good supply base for raw materials, such as fabrics, natural yarns, rayon, and cotton. Cotton spinning is the number one sector of the country’s textile production as cotton is the most popular material used in textile and apparel manufacturing.

With Zaraye you get to choose from multitudes of wholesale clothing manufacturers that will provide you with the highest quality products for the best price point that aligns with your current apparel sourcing budget. Zaraye handles the entire process with a warehouse, and a distribution center, and can ship products directly to the retailer. We provide you with the best wholesale clothing manufacturers as we are partnered with hundreds of top-notch suppliers. 

We connect all players in the textile value chain. We are a global network that brings people, organizations, wholesale clothing manufacturers and innovative ideas together. Making textile sourcing smarter, transparent, and more sustainable.

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