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Bestway Cement Price

Cement prices are increasing daily which has been affecting the supply of cement with cement prices reaching above RS. 1000 per bag. With the growth and rapid development of housing colonies and commercial markets, the cement industry is on the rise. Hence there has been an increase in the per-year production and sales of cement as well. Cement prices have increased exponentially after the federal Budget 2021-2022.

Overview of Cement Price in Pakistan

Cement is an essential building material in Pakistan, widely used in construction projects across the country. The cement price in Pakistan can vary based on various factors, including market demand, production costs, and government policies. One of the renowned cement brands in Pakistan is Bestway Cement. Today, we will discuss the Bestway Cement price in Pakistan and understand the factors that affect its pricing.

Bestway Cement Price in Pakistan Today

If you are looking for the current Bestway Cement price in Pakistan, you're in the right place. As of today, the price of Bestway Cement in Pakistan is subject to fluctuation due to market conditions and other factors. It is recommended to check with local suppliers or visit the official Bestway Cement website for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Factors Affecting the Price of Cement in Pakistan

Several factors influence the price of cement in Pakistan, and it's essential to be aware of them before making a purchase. These factors include:

Raw Material Costs: The cost of raw materials such as limestone, clay, and gypsum can significantly impact the price of cement. Fluctuations in these material prices can lead to changes in the overall cement price.

Production and Transportation Costs: The manufacturing process of cement involves various expenses, including production costs and transportation charges. These costs can vary depending on factors like energy prices, labor wages, and fuel costs, which can affect the final price of cement.

Market Demand and Supply: Cement prices in Pakistan are also influenced by market demand and supply dynamics. During periods of high demand, prices may rise due to limited supply. Conversely, when there is a surplus of cement in the market, prices may decrease.

Government Policies and Taxes: Government policies, regulations, and taxes can have a significant impact on the price of cement. Changes in tax rates or import duties can lead to fluctuations in cement prices.

Understanding Cement Price and Rate Before You Buy

Before purchasing cement in Pakistan, it is crucial to understand the current cement price and rate. By staying informed about the market conditions and factors affecting the price, you can make an informed decision and plan your construction projects accordingly.

To get the most accurate and up-to-date information on Bestway Cement price in Pakistan today, it is recommended to contact local cement suppliers or visit the official Bestway Cement website. They will provide you with the current pricing details and any additional information you may require.

In conclusion, being aware of the factors influencing cement prices in Pakistan, including the Bestway Cement price, will help you navigate the market more effectively and make well-informed decisions regarding your construction needs.

bestway cement price

Bestway Cement Price

OPC is the essential component that is needed for construction, before buying cement it is essential to know the prices of the different brands including the daily price for Bestway Cement. There are over a dozen cement manufacturing companies in Pakistan. With the increasing growth in the development industry including both housing colonies and commercial markets, the cement industry is expanding in the country. 


Bestway Cement Rate Today 6th Feb 2023 - Updated

Cement Company

Price per 50kg bag

Bestway cement

Rs. 1,040-1,045

DG Cement

Rs. 1,050-1,055

Lucky Cement

Rs. 1,040-1,045

Maple Leaf Cement

Rs. 1,065-1,070

Fauji Cement

Rs. 1,040-1,045 

Maple Leaf White Cement

Rs. 1,500-1,510

Attock Cement

Rs. 1,010-1,015

Kohat Cement

Rs. 1,010-1,015

Pak Cement

Rs. 1,030-1,035

Askari Cement

Rs. 1,015-1,020

Flying Cement

Rs. 1,005-1,010

Pioneer Cement

Rs. 1,020-1,025


Cherat Cement

Rs. 1,010-1,015


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