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Clothing Manufacturers for Startups

Pakistan is a popular sourcing solution to get clothing manufactured for start-ups, high-end brands and designers. This is because manufacturing clothing for startups in Pakistan will a lower overall average production cost when compared to other countries in the region such as China, India, and Bangladesh while providing high-quality apparel and clothing for start-ups because of the highly skilled workers and quality fabrics. 

clothing manufacturers

Pakistan is one of the main producers of cotton in the world and has the second-best quality cotton globally. Cotton costs in Pakistan are also much lower and Pakistan is the sixth-largest textile exporter, made up of textiles, cotton, and clothing manufacturing. Getting clothes manufactured for start-ups in Pakistan is the best choice to keep costs low and still have high-quality apparel. Not just this but many popular brands such as Nike, Sears, and Old Navy get apparel and clothing manufactured in Pakistan. 

Zaraye sources finished textile goods at the best rates for your business from high-end clothing manufacturers in Pakistan and deliver globally with quick lead times for samples and production. To get a quote contact us now or visit our website for more information.


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