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Fauji Cement Rates in Pakistan

Fauji Cement


Fauji Cement is one of the leading and best producers of a wide range of cement including ordinary Portland cement and many other special types of cement in Pakistan. Fauji Cement started in 1997 with a production capacity of about 3000 tons per day and has since then increased to over 3700 tons per day.

fauji cement

Fauji Cement has two production units and both are of distinguished quality of European origin with an annual total production capacity of 3.5 million tons of cement.


falcon cement

Fauji Cement is one of the best and preferred brands in the construction industry, the housing sector, commercial & industrial complexes, and massive projects such as dams, bridges, etc. Fauji Cement is not just one of the best brands in the local Pakistani market but they also export cement to many other countries including Sri Lanka, India, Afghanistan, South Africa, the Middle East, and more.

Their product list includes OPC, SRC, low alkali cement, low heat, and hydration cement, mohafiz cement, and Pamir cement. Zaraye provides a vast selection of cement at the best rate from leading brands on one platform. To get the best cement rates contact us now.

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