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Textile Manufacturers - Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed Textile


Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited is one of the largest Pakistani textile companies that manufacture all textile products and sells finished and stitched clothing through a chain of retail outlets under the name “Ideas by Gul Ahmed”

gul ahmed

Gul Ahmad Textiles has been listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange since 1970 and since then has been rapidly progressing and has a top position in the textile industry. They have state-of-the-art spindles, weaving machines, and the most modern cotton yarn dyeing, processing & stitching units. Gul Ahmed makes everything from cotton yarn to finished products. 


gul ahmed textile

Gul Ahmed is a textile giant in the Pakistan textile industry and has an incredibly strong presence in the retail business as well and now has a vast chain of more than 40 retail stores across the country.

Gul Ahmed’s products include yarns, fabrics, and finished clothing products. Yarns include carded yarns, combed yarns, compact Siro yarns, fancy yarns, plied yarns, core spun yarns, slub yarns, packaged dyed yarn, and dyed yarn. 

gul ahmed textile

Gul Ahmed also has fabrics, equipped with advanced technology catering to a vast spectrum of product varieties that include:

Plain Fabrics
Sheeting Fabrics
Poplin Fabrics
Bedford Cord
Rib Stops
Slub Fabrics
Stretch Fabrics
Mélange Fabrics

Gul Ahmed’s finished products include home textiles, institutional textiles, and apparel. 


How many branches of Gul Ahmed are in Pakistan?

Starting from Karachi, Gul Ahmed now has an extensive chain of more than 40 retail stores across the country, offering a diverse range of products from home accessories to fashion clothing

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