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Ittefaq Steel Price Today

Ittefaq Steel is a major player in the steel industry in Pakistan and has been an established name in the industry for years. Ittefaq Steel is on the path to be the leading manufacturer of high-quality steel products.

ittefaq steel price today

Ittefaq Steel is the top steel rolling mill in Pakistan with the capacity to manufacture international standard products with various standards, such as DIN, ASTM. Ittefaq Steel is known as one of the pioneers in steel products.

ittefaq steel

Ittefaq Steel Price Today 6th Feb 2023 - Updated


Steel Brand

60-grade iron rate

Ittehad Steel

Rs.219 per kg

Amreli Steel

Rs.233 per kg

Ittefaq Steel

Rs.230 per kg

Mughal Steel

Rs.231 per kg

Kamran Steel

Rs.215 per kg

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