Construction Manufacturers - Pak Steel Mills

Pak Steel Mills 


Established in 1949, Pak Steel Mills has become one of the leading players in the steel industry in Pakistan. 

Pak Steel Mills has a production capacity of 1.1–5.0 million tonnes of steel and iron foundries. They have expanded extensively in the construction industry involving the input of 1.29 million cubic meters of concrete and approximately 5.70 million cubic meters of earthworks, as well as having 330,000 tonnes of heavy machinery, steel structures, and electrical equipment.

Pak Steel Mill’s product list includes deformed and plain steel bars for concrete reinforcement according to ASTM A-615 (Grade 40 & 60), ASTM A-706, ASTM A-36 , ASHTO 31. Cold works bars and structural steel: angle, U-Channel, tee iron, grider, and much more.

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