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Find Plastic Dana Price Per Kg in Pakistan - Updated 2023

Ever wondered about those tiny plastic beads that seem to be everywhere? They're called plastic dana, and they're like building blocks for all sorts of plastic things. In this article, we'll explore what plastic dana is, what it's used for, the different types, and where you can get the good stuff.

What is Plastic Dana?

Think of plastic dana as little beads made from plastic. These beads are used to make lots of different plastic things, and they're shaped into whatever we need, like toys, containers, and even car parts. Plastic dana is important because it helps create all the plastic things we use in our daily lives.

Where Plastic Dana Shows Up

Plastic dana is super versatile, so it's used in many places. Have you ever seen a plastic toy? Plastic dana helped make that. What about a plastic water bottle? Yep, plastic dana had a hand in that too. It's also used for making things like medical equipment, electronics, and even the bags we carry our groceries in.

Different Types of Plastic Dana and What They're For

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ABS Pure: This type is strong and shiny, so it's great for things like toys and the outside of gadgets.

LLD: This one is flexible and keeps things safe from dirt and moisture. It's often used for plastic wraps and bags.

HDPE: Tough and strong, HDPE is used for pipes, bottles, and containers.

LDPE: This type is bendy, perfect for making things like plastic bags and squeeze bottles.plastic dana products

PP Injection: It's tough and resistant to heat and chemicals. Car parts and furniture are often made from this.

PP Film: Clear and flexible, PP Film wraps things like snacks and stationery.

PP Tape: This one is strong and sturdy, making ropes, bags, and even some fabrics.

Co-PP: A mix of strong and versatile, it's used for containers, caps, and closures.

Getting Plastic Dana from Zaraye

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Zaraye is a place where you can find really good plastic dana. They know all the right suppliers who have top-quality plastic dana. This is important because when the plastic dana is good, the things made from it are good too.

Finding the Best Prices for Plastic Dana

If you want to know how much plastic dana costs, Zaraye's got you covered. Just get their app, pick what you're looking for, and bam! The app will show you the latest prices. Easy, right?

So, that's plastic dana for you. Those little beads might seem small, but they're a big deal. They help make so many things we use every day. From toys to bags to car parts, plastic dana is there, making our lives more convenient. And with places like Zaraye, getting the best plastic dana is as easy as a few taps on your phone.