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Top Steel Mills in Pakistan

The construction industry in Pakistan is a vital one for its economy and there are many steel mills in Pakistan that make high-quality steel. 

top steel mills in pakistan

Here is a list of the Top Steel Mills in Pakistan:


Which is the largest steel mill in Pakistan?

Pakistan Steel Mills headquartered in Karachi is currently the largest steel mill and industrial mega-corporation in Pakistan, having a production capacity of 1.1–5.0 million tonnes of steel and iron foundries.

steel mills in pakistan

How many steel industries are in Pakistan?

The Pakistan steel industry is quite large, comprised of 20 players who are at the top, however, they make up about 80% of the total market. The Pakistani steel industry has 9 companies that are listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. They have a major contribution to the local steel industry and its production capacity and possess more than 50% share in local sales. 

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