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Steel Rate in Pakistan Today

The price of steel fluctuates often because of several reasons, the main one being the dollar rate. This affects the steel rate in Pakistan because the dollar rate itself has been volatile hence the price of steel is not permanent and rises and falls on a daily basis.

steel rate pakistan

The quality of the steel also affects steel prices, high and low-quality steel are both available in the market to cater to different customers. However higher quality steel has a higher price and there are several factors that influence the quality of steel. 

Steel rate in pakistan

Sarya is the term commonly used for steel iron bars in Pakistan, and a 10-12 mm sarya iron bar is an essential component in the construction industry. Steel rate per kg changes almost on a daily basis and is sold per kg or rate per metric ton. The price of steel in Pakistan has been increasing every day because of the devaluation of the Pakistani Rupee against the US Dollar.

Steel iron comes in several different grades, especially 40 and 60 grades and the most commonly used grade is 60 for constructing houses. The steel rate per kg will depend on several factors such as brand, grade type, and market demand. 

Latest steel price in Pakistan Updated 6th Feb 2023

Steel Brand

60-grade steel price

Ittehad Steel

Rs.221 per kg

Amreli Steel

Rs.231 per kg

Ittefaq Steel

Rs.238 per kg

Mughal Steel

Rs.231 per kg

Kamran Steel

Rs.231 per kg

The above-mentioned rates are approximate market rates and not the exact daily rates for Mughal Steel.  Daily steel rates in Pakistan may differ depending on the city. Zaraye provides a vast selection of steel and iron bars at the best rate from leading brands on one platform. To get the best quality steel from all the leading brands at the best rates download the Zaraye app now or contact us to get a quote!

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