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Steel Rate Today

steel rate todayThe steel rate today per kg depends on numerous factors like brand, grade type, and market demand. Steel is a necessary component of construction and an important part of the construction industry.

Steel iron bars are used in construction and steel rods are cut into different sizes to make up the beams and columns in construction. Steel iron bars come in different grades like 40 grade, 60 grade, 90 grade, and many more. Generally, the higher the grade number is, the better the steel quality.

Steel Rate Today in Pakistan 6th Feb 2023 - Updated

Steel Brand

60-grade steel price

Ittehad Steel

Rs.224 per kg

Amreli Steel

Rs.233 per kg

Ittefaq Steel

Rs.238 per kg

Mughal Steel

Rs.231 per kg

Kamran Steel

Rs.231 per kg


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