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Today's Cotton Rate in Pakistan

Cotton and cottonseed prices have risen drastically in Pakistan, the price of cotton has increased by Rs 300 to Rs 10,000 hitting a ten-year high in cotton rate.

todays cotton rate in pakistan


Cotton prices in Pakistan 10th January 2023 


The ECC has approved the abolition of regulatory duty on cotton, which will help increase exports in the textile industry in Pakistan. The rate of cotton in Pakistan has reached Rs 11,500 which is the highest cotton rate in 11 years and cotton production has dropped to 51% which has also been the lowest in 10 years.


The cotton rate in Pakistan today 2023 


Due to a lack of research and development in Pakistan, the quality of cotton seeds has been deteriorating and as a result, Pakistan has had to rely on imported cotton to meet its textile needs. 


Rate of cotton seed 


The price of cotton seed is Rs 5700 per 40 kg. With Pakistani textile mills contributing the most to the exports in the country, a record consumption of cotton is expected this year,


The kca official spot rate for local dealings in Pakistan rupees


                     For base grade 3 staple length 1-1/16"

                    Micronaire value between 3.8 to 4.9 ncl


Rate              Ex-gin   Upcountry   Spot rate    Spot rate    Difference

                    for      price     Ex-Karachi  ex. Khi. as   Ex-karachi

                                                   on 03-10-2022


37.324 KG        19,000        235        19,235        19,235          NIL


40 KGS           20,362        252        20,614        20,614          NIL



Heavy rains and floods in Pakistan this year and attacks by bests have affected the cotton production of the country. Pakistan is the fourth-largest producer of cotton in the world and Punjab is of extreme importance because about 80% of the total cotton is grown in Punjab. In 2022 the cotton crop is being cultivated on about 4 million acres, which is expected to yield an average of more than 17 million per acre.

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