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Types of Denim

Different Types Of Denim


Get to know the different types of denim and what specific type is perfect for your clothing manufacturing expertise. Denim is a rugged, sturdy, twill woven fabric, 100% cotton fabric.

A unique feature of Denim is that a diagonal ribbing appears on the face of the fabric, which distinguishes it from other cotton fabrics. It is an amazing twill weave that forms this diagonal pattern. The fibers are woven on a loom in a twill weave pattern.


types of denim


Types of Denim

  • Raw Denim
  • Sanforized Denim
  • Colored Denim
  • Stretch Denim
  • Selvedge Denim
  • Crushed Denim
  • Waxed Reverse Denim
  • Acid Wash Denim
  • Poly Denim
  • Ecru Denim
  • Bull Denim
  • Thermo denim


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