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Cotton Yarn

Cotton yarn is a natural plant-based thread and is the most produced yarn in the world. Cotton yarn is a prevalent choice in the textile industry for knitting because cotton yarn is softer and more breathable than wool.

Cotton yarn is mainly divided into 3 types; carded, combed, and rotor yarn depending on the manufacturing technique used. Each type of yarn is unique and used in different functions in the textile industry. 

cotton yarn

Types of cotton yarn produced by yarn manufacturers in Pakistan include: cotton combed yarn, cotton combed compact yarn, cotton carded ring spun yarn, BCI cotton yarn, cotton siro yarn, cotton open-end yarn, organic cotton combed yarn, cotton combed dyed yarn, cotton gassed mercerized yarn. 

cotton yarn pakistan

Pakistani spinning mills are competitive in the following 100 % Cotton yarn counts: 7s Carded, 8s Carded, 10s Carded, 12s Carded, 16s Carded, 20s Carded, 21s Carded, and 20/2 Carded

The textile industry in Pakistan is a large contributor to the economy and as such there are many textile mills in Pakistan that produce and export cotton yarn such as Nishat Mills, Indus Group, and Nishat Chunian Ltd to name a few. 

Cotton yarn is less expensive as compared to wool. However, the price slightly increases when you go for better quality and processed cotton. Cotton price is highly volatile because it tends to fluctuate a lot, however, the price of cotton has only gone up over the last few years.

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