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Ittehad Steel Rate Today

Steel is the main component needed in construction, Karachi and Lahore are the two major cities of Pakistan where steel is used the most. The steel rate in Karachi and Lahore is considered the final steel rate in Pakistan.

Ittehad Steel deformed bars Grade 60 8mm-57mm are made using a mix of Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Sulphur. Ittehad Steel Grade 60 Bars are available in several lengths and diameters, are non-wieldable, and can be used for all construction requirements. Ittehad Steel has targeted the right mix of yield strength, tensile strength, and elongation for maximum results.


ittehad steel rate today

ittehad steel rate today

Ittehad Steel price in Pakistan 2022 - Updated 17th May 2023

Today’s steel rates in Pakistan including the rate of Ittehad steel are given below. The mentioned rates are approximate market rates and not the exact daily rates for steel. Contact Zaraye to get the a quote now!


Steel Brand

60-grade steel price

Ittehad Steel

Rs.220 per kg

Amreli Steel

Rs.233 per kg

Ittefaq Steel

Rs.230 per kg

Mughal Steel

Rs.231 per kg

Kamran Steel

Rs.215 per kg


The above-mentioned rates are approximate market rates and not the exact daily rates for steel. Steel rates in Pakistan may differ from city to city but this price difference is minimal. These are approximate steel rates in Pakistan and the market price may differ on a daily basis, however, to get the best steel rates in Karachi get a quote from Zaraye now!


Steel rate hikes in In Pakistan 2022

Many Pakistani steel manufacturers have plans of increasing the rate of steel and a price hike in 2022 is to be expected.  The rates for hot-dipped galvanized coils and cold-rolled coils will be increasing exponentially by about Rs3,000 per ton higher. This is all a result of the fact that the steel mills in Pakistan suffered low margins due to volatile markets, currency depreciation, and imports that resulted in cheap exports. 


Top Steel Companies in Pakistan



Who is the owner of Ittehad Steel?

Khalid Javed is the founder and chairman of Ittehad Steel and became the founder of the pioneer re-rolling mill in Islamabad in 1978.


Grade 60 ASTM 706 is ideal for commercial and residential construction projects in Pakistan.

What is meant by Grade 60 steel?

Grade 60 steel has a minimum yield strength of 60,000 pounds per square inch and is the ideal choice for construction projects. Grade 60 Steel Bars increase the tensile strength of concrete and can be used for primary and secondary reinforcement. It also assists in the absorption of stress and weight and the more even distribution of tension caused by the contraction and expansion of concrete when exposed to heat and cold.

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