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Cement Rate Today


The average cement rate per bag has crossed Rs1000 in Pakistan with an even higher rate in markets up north. The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) shows that the cement rate is getting to Rs1100 per bag making this a hike of about 68% from the average cement rate last year. The cement rate is increasing daily which is affecting and halting construction work in Pakistan. 

Cement Price in Pakistan is an important factor to consider before the construction of any building or house because it is necessary to calculate the average cost of construction before anything can be started. 

The cement rate in Pakistan changes often and the cement rate needs to be checked daily based on the changing cement prices you can stay can be updated about the cost of construction. Cement rates in Pakistan depend on the type and brand of cement. OPC made from a mixture of limestone and clay is the most common type of cement used in Pakistan. 

The rate of OPC 33 grade cement in Pakistan is about Rs. 800 per 50 kg bag. The OPC 43-grade cement rate in Pakistan is Rs. 900 per 50 kg bag and the OPC 53-grade cement in Pakistan is about Rs.1080 per 50 kg bag.

cement rate today

The rate of cement bags can be different based on the seller because often commission is added to the selling price of the cement. Many cement companies in Pakistan function in many different cities across the country.

Cement rate today 18th April 2023 - Updated

Cement Company

Price per 50kg bag

Bestway cement

Rs. 1,050-1,060

DG Cement

Rs. 1,050-1,055

Lucky Cement

Rs. 1,040-1,045

Maple Leaf Cement

Rs. 1,065-1,070

Fauji Cement

Rs. 1,035-1,040

Maple Leaf White Cement

Rs. 1,700-1,705

Attock Cement

Rs. 1,035-1,040

Kohat Cement

Rs. 1,040-1,045

Pak Cement

Rs. 1,050-1,055

Askari Cement

Rs. 1,040-1,045

Flying Cement

Rs. 995-1,000

Pioneer Cement

Rs. 1,040-1,045

Cherat Cement

Rs. 1,035-1,040


These are market rates of the different cement brands in Pakistan, however, the cement rate today will probably be different from what it was a day ago. Cement rates are volatile and tend to differ each day. To get the best cement rates get a quote from Zaraye now!


Which Cement is Best in Pakistan? 

Here is the list of the cement manufacturers which are considered to be the best in Pakistan: 

  • Lucky Cement Limited
  • Power Cement Limited
  • D.G. Khan Cement Company Limited
  • Maple Leaf Cement Factory Limited
  • Attock Cement Limited
  • Thatta Cement Limited
  • Askari Cement Limited
  • Pioneer Cement Limited
  • Flying Cement
  • Fauji Cement Company Limited
  • Bestway Cement Limited
  • Kohat Cement Limited
  • Dangote Cement Company Limited
  • Fecto Cement Company Limited
  • Gharibwal Cement Limited
  • Dewan Cement Limited


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