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Top 10 Textile Mills in Pakistan

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Top 10 Textile Mills in Pakistan


The textile industry performed admirably, with a record high in textile exports  during July-April, 2021- 2022 of $15.98 billion especially compared to the previous year when the exports reached $12.68 billion showing an increase of 25.9%

top 10 textile mills in pakistan

Several textile mills in Pakistan contribute largely to the Pakistani economy. Here’s a list of the top 10 textile mills in Pakistan:


1. Style Textile (Pvt) Ltd

Style Textile is a textile industry in Pakistan, they are a textile and apparel manufacturer based in Lahore. They focus on textile innovation, manufacturing, and providing end-to-end apparel solutions to global partners such as Adidas, Hurley, Levi’s, Nike, Reebok, and Tom Tailor to name a few. Style Textile Ltd was the largest exporter in 2021, with $429 Million in exports.

They are equipped with state-of-the-art technology producing some of the finest knitted fabrics with the capability to produce a variety of knitted fabrics including jersey, pique, ribs, interlock, thermals, fleece, and many more. 


2. Interloop Ltd. 

Interloop Limited is a vertically integrated multi-category textile manufacturer in Pakistan that produces hosiery, denim, knitwear & seamless apparel for a multitude of top international brands and retailers

Interloop is the largest listed textile company on the Pakistan Stock Exchange by market capitalization and is one of the largest exporters in Pakistan. In 2020-21 they were the second largest exporter of Pakistan with $331.54m in exports. Interloop Ltd. employs over 26,000 people and it is a global network with its presence spread across 3 continents, with industrial infrastructure based in Pakistan and Sri Lanka. 

They are recognized globally working with many global brands and retailers, they have the annual capacity to produce about 700 million pairs of socks, 12 million pcs of Denim apparel, 15 million pcs of Knitwear, 26 million kgs of yarn and 1.5 million pcs of seamless activewear with plans to expand even further.

Almost 50% of the company’s raw materials are derived from sustainable sources and since 2016 they have increased the use of organic cotton by 400%.


3. Artistic Milliners (Pvt) Ltd

Artistic Milliners is a leading denim and textile mill in Pakistan and since its beginning, Artistic Milliners has been one of the top companies in the global textile industry and has been leading denim innovation and sustainability.

They focus on automation, innovation, research, and sustainability. Artistic milliners is a vertically integrated organization with its own dedicated spinning, denim, and garment manufacturing. While the headquarters are in Karachi they have an increasing global presence in Dubai and the United States.

Artistic Milliners’ has the highest-rated LEED platinum facility in Pakistan as well as being the first in Pakistan to earn a FairTrade certification in the denim sector. They contribute greatly to exports in Pakistan with a total of $329.63m in exports in the 2020-21 financial year. As one of the largest denim exporters in Pakistan, Artistic Milliners has had an increase in exports with plans to expand to drive further growth.


4. Yunus Textile Mills Ltd

Yunus Textile Mills is a top-of-the-line vertically integrated textile mill in Pakistan and is the largest exporter of home textiles in Pakistan. They have processes from the spinning of yarn, weaving, dyeing, printing, and finishing. The stitching unit has the capacity to produce 10 million meters of fabric every month.

The Yunus Textile manufacturers have managed to secure a prominent position as the leading home textile exporter which has been a result of advanced technical support, strong infrastructure, and quality human resource. Yunus Textiles has had a turnover in sales of USD 1.5 Bn, and they supply directly to a majority of the private and leading retail brands in both the USA and Europe. 


5. Al Karam textiles

Al Karam is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality fabric for apparel, home, and industrial markets with clients from around the world. Al Karam has the capability to fulfill small, medium, and large-scale orders and is one of the best textile mills with a vertically integrated operation in Pakistan. The company’s incredible global reach, variety of products, and multichannel distribution make Al Karam a unique textile mill in Pakistan and in the textile industry both in Pakistan and globally.


6. Nishat Mills Ltd

Nishat Mills Limited is one of the most modern and largest vertically integrated textile mills in Pakistan. They also have the most modern textile dyeing and processing units, including multiple stitching units for home textiles; for garments and they have power generation facilities with a capacity of 130 MW. Nishat Mills has had an incredible contribution to the country’s exports totaling about $307.32m for the year 2021. The Company’s production facilities comprise spinning, weaving, processing, stitching, and power generation.


7. Gul Ahmad Textile Mills Ltd

Gul Ahmad Textiles was listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange in 1970 and since then has been rapidly progressing and enjoys a lead position in the textile industry. They have state-of-the-art spindles, weaving machines, and the most modern yarn dyeing, processing & stitching units. Gul Ahmed makes everything from cotton yarn to finished products. 

Gul Ahmed is a textile giant and has an incredibly strong presence in the retail business as well and now has a vast chain of more than 40 retail stores across the country.


8. Artistic Denim Mills 

Artistic Denim Mills like other top companies in the industry a vertical set-up and have been important in bringing unique innovations to the denim industry in Pakistan. They provide “speed to market” and manufacture premium denim fabrics and garments for high-end customers globally.

Artistic Denim Mills is at the forefront of implementing sustainability by using eco-friendly raw materials and processes and green chemicals, recycled water, recycled cotton, recycled polyester, organic cotton, and sustainable viscose.


9. Liberty Mills

Liberty Mills Limited is located in Karachi, Pakistan and today is one of the largest textile processing and production units in Pakistan. Liberty textile mill has a production and manufacturing capacity of about 500,000 square meters of fabric per day. All of their products are exported directly and indirectly to customers and vendors of internationally recognized brands, departmental stores as well as mail-order firms.


10. AGI Denim

AGI Denim is another vertically integrated textile mill in Pakistan with operations of a massive scale based all across Karachi with 17 factories. They produce products of incredibly high quality by deploying advanced automation technologies, and sustainable processes and with the help of local and foreign experts throughout the manufacturing process. Four of AGI Denim’s factories are LEED-certified due to their active commitment and investment in energy & water-efficient machinery.


textile mills in pakistan


With the textile industry’s incredible contribution to the economy, it makes sense to support the expansion of textile mills in Pakistan which would further drive exports. However, there have been many issues that have been detrimental to the textile industry’s growth; Pakistan’s power crisis is one such issue that could cause many textile mills in the Pakistani industry to unravel. Another issue is the increasing price of yarn in Pakistan due to the volatile economy and increasing dollar rate. The gas supply to the textile industry was suspended for a week, almost halting production in the whole value-added textile industry and causing a colossal loss to the economy. Constant support and supply of gas are imperative for the industry to maintain momentum in exports.

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